About our company

  Firm was founded in year 1999 by a sole trader with a focus on special silvicultural works. Thanks to successive intensification and specialisation was extended car fleet and machine fleet, numbers of traders and also special services in wide variety of offers.

  urrently we are in a phase of company transformation from basic industry to the directly processing plant. Very important for us is to buy wood as a full-grown trees, then its processing, bringing home (delivery transportation), sorting, manipulation, decortication (debarking), cutting (sawing), production of solid fuel and other products. We are able to produce about 15000 acacia stakes, 2000 oak stakes and 5000 coniferous stakes (barked, decorticated). Wood comes from direct buying of full-grown trees to avoid its damage by wrong timber harvesting (logging) or manipulation. Our major business partners are LČR (Forests of Czech Republic), towns and villages, private persons etc.


  Thank you for your understanding.
  Mgr. Marek Navrátilík