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  • atypical hemihedrons:
    • various sorts of locust (wood-) worked sprays
    • hand chopped components for natural constructions made from locust
    • locust material for interior
  • products fabricated directly from locust:
    • benches, pergolas, garden houses, seesaws, tables

Coniferous stakes and halfstakes

Most suitable utilisation:

  • gardening
  • orchading
  • agriculture
  • construction building
  • carpentry



  • barked – tree stakes, supporting posts, portable enclosures, boundary stones, constructions for childern
  • sticked –        -,,-
  • not barked – temporary fences, enclosures
  • sawn – enclosures (especially larch trees)
  • coniferous saw-cuts – for construction building, wood-processing industry
  • carcassing timber – building-up of houses, pergolas, garden houses

Life-time of coniferous stakes is given by the producers between 10-30 years, but our work experiences and informations from our customers prove that lifetime of such stake is not longer then 10 years (inklusive preservation of stakes by pressure impregnation).

Life-time of stakes

Locust stakes – Locust stakes - 30 – 40 years - chopped – GUARANTEE 5 years
Oak stakes – fences, enclosures - 15 years - chopped
Coniferous stakes – fences, enclosures - 5 – 8 years


Surroundings influence, effect – for locust (acacia) ist the best dry surrounding, it is not efficient to hammer (or to drive) acacia wood into the water or into the wet surrounding. Its life-time gets shorter by half. Compared to oak wood - oak pressed into the water or into the wet, watery subgrade could endure up to 50 years.


By forming of this reviewing summary sheet were used these sources: own experiences and consultations with specialist as agriculturists, watermanagers (aquiculturists), woodmen etc., who take example primarily by praxis and expediency of usage. As an example was used chopped stake, weight 15 – 20 kg, suited (fit) for machine driving (hammering) and also for hand drilling and intended especially for fences and enclosures.